Sowing barley in our land is done according to the ancient agricultural practice of annual rotation of crops, alternating with cereals variety of legumes to enrich the soil naturally. The hillside location, thanks to its altitude, prevents the growing development of fungal diseases, making the product more healthy and free of mycotoxins.

Maturation and treshing

The maturation and the entire production cycle of our barley is done by limiting the use of fertilizers and chemicals, by adhering to a product specification approved by the Tuscany Region and summarized by Agriqualità that promotes the products obtained with techniques of integrated farming (L: R 25 / 99).


Storage of barley that is collected in the fields, takes place in our warehouses and then is carefully selected and verified its health thanks to production processes, certified and fully verified by the inspection body CSQA authorized by the Tuscany Region.

Roasting and grinding

The roasting is done in installations of our properties that use wood as fuel. This process makes sure to bring out the best, the wonderful fragrance and aroma of malt coffee thus obtained.

Our locations

Company Center

Raw matrial storage.
GPS Coordinates: 43.234582, 11.342993


Roasting, packing and shippping.
GPS Coordinates: 43.238949, 11.410981
Address: Via di Collandino 200/5 – 53014 Monteroni d’Arbia (SI) – Italy


Municipality of Asciano – località Medane
One single piece of land for 28ha.
GPS Coordinates: 43.265989, 11.425548